Korean Dream

A Vision for a Unified Korea

By: Hyun Jin Preston Moon

About the Book

The future of the Korean peninsula will affect peace and prosperity globally - for better or worse

Amidst the existential threat presented by a nuclear North Korea, Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon presents an innovative way forward on the Korean peninsula. Korean Dream is an aspirational treatise on nationhood that illustrates why reunification that is led by Korean civil society is the ultimate answer to security, economic, and social problems created through 70 years of division. Dr. Moon goes a step further, offering a groundbreaking approach to peace rooted in the founding principles and national identity that have made Koreans one people for millennia. In this centennial edition commemorating the March 1, 1919 Korean Independence Movement, Dr. Moon calls upon Koreans and the global community to join hands in realizing a dream 100 years in the making.

2020 National Best Seller


Read and recommended by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency’s Director under Global Analysis.


Recognized with the Republic of Korea Award for Publication, Culture and the Arts in 2014.

Hyun Jin Preston Moon


Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon is an award-winning author and thought leader who currently leads the largest grassroots coalition for Korean reunification in history. Dr. Moon is the founder and chairman of the Global Peace Foundation in addition to numerous community service, educational, and business ventures around the world.

A lifelong student of history, international affairs, and theology, Dr. Moon holds a BA from Columbia University, an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MRE from the Unification Theological Seminary and an honorary Ph.D. from Sun Moon University.


What Readers Are Saying

Today, one of the hotspots in the world is the unending unrest between North and South Korea. As someone who believes that Iran’s nuclear bomb capabilities are being tested and upgraded in North Korea, this book approaches the resolution of the Korean conflict and the challenges they face for the unification of these two countries and one people. Therefore, I encourage readers to explore Korean Dream by Dr. Moon. It gives a cogent path to peace for the Koreas and the world.met.
Harold E. Doley, Jr.
Founder, Doley Securities Group
The author understands that the unification of the Korean peninsula with Hongik Ingan as its ideology is not only desired by the nation but also linked with the future of the world…
Kyu-suk Cho
Former Head, Editorial Department at Segye Times